1. Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    this photo doesnt do the lady any justice 

    but lets pretend youre driving to work on Sunset Blvd and in the distance you see these long legs

    sure there are other things to notice: the fancy cars, the fire truck, the guy dressed up as a Subway sandwich spinning a sign, etc.

    but you see these legs.

    then lets say you just happen to have your iphone on yr lap cuz its belting out the summer jamz

    then lets say a schoolbus slows down to let a metro bus get in front of you.

    normally youd pound the steering column, frustrated that you’re gonna be 5 seconds later to work than you were planning on being.

    but these legs settle you down and you finally understand why racehorses always have a slightly smaller horse nearby

    so they can calm the testosterone-laden beasts.

    because when youre calm you can accept the world for what it is: beautiful

    and you now have time to do the right thing.

    which in this case is take a picture and turn south on alvarado

    and jump on the hollywood freeway

    to earn yr daily bread.