as you can see my drinking partner last night was dressed up a tad

and while we were waiting to be introduced to the talent, we found ourselves in the same room as a big tall handsome tv news personality.

one of the things i like to do is make up stuff when people ask how karisa and i met. particularly when shes dressed like she was last night.

“i answered an ad on Craigslist.”

“her family played against mine on Family Feud, hosted by that dude from Home Improvement”

“i met her on the bus on the way here.”

“my toilet was clogged, i called Rotor Rooter, and she knocked on my door.”

“we’re undercover agents for a secret arm of the CIA called the XBI. shes my decoy. look, i have your wallet.”

last night i gave this guy a new one, “shes my kid’s second grade teacher and im trying to improve his grade.”

sometimes the fiction is better than the truth.