i know im not the easiest person to get along with

i talk alot. i misspell a lot. i can beat almost anyone at any arguement not because im smarter than anyone but because to me arguements are like MMA cage bouts. im the weirdo who will try to pull your eyeball out and scream when you try to rip my rib out and be all good fight when its over no matter who wins. no one wins. no one ever wins around me in those situations.

but one thing im good for is telling the kids about the new things. and one of the things that im into right now is something that someone who is on an higher path than me turned me onto. Rdio. its not in beta. its so new its in alpha, my favorite rascal.

what it is in a nutshell is every album, online, for a monthly fee. not sure what that will be right now. maybe $25 a month? $20? is unlimited music worth 2 cds a month? i think so.

Rdio is a new music service, where you discover new and old favorite songs through your friends and other people with great taste in music. Rdio works on the web and on your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. Subscribe for unlimited music.

the other day the dude who set me up with a free trial account wrote me and said, “noticed you havent played around with Rdio much?”

truth is i get a lot of free music and i buy the rest. but here i am at a cheerleaders house and my computer is broke and i dont really wanna play the music in my iphone so i figured tonight ok lets see if this is any good. so i looked for this 12 inch single from Soul Asylum.

the kids dont know about 12 inch singles, but in the old days DJs used to get their remixes on 12 inches. but better than that the “alt” bands would put their lame ass single on one side and theyd have some b-sides on the flip side. Soul Asylum had an A-side of “Cartoon” from their “Hang Time” album which should have been a huge radio hit but radio has always stunk. however on the flip side they had this really long medley of songs performed live called “James at 16” because it was 16 songs melded together. like Prince the ladder to Terrance Trent D’Arby to god knows who else. anyways i gave away all my records a long time ago and i always judge websites like Napster to now Rdio by whether or not they have James at 16.

Looks like Rdio is really great. ive been listening to records i hear about but would not buy. like right now im listening to, and enjoying Ke$ha and now wishing that i hadnt missed her opening for Rihana. so this is interesting.

but there is no James at 16. probs because Rdio doesnt do 12 inches or weirdo rare ass stuff. but it certainly fills a need. for example lets say youre stuck at your uncles house and all he has is the web. well, then he really does have millions of songs, at yr disposal.

so yeah, friends are great. and i dont deserve em.