i think im gonna stop using foursquare

and its all because im no longer the mayor of the LA Times.

see that screen shot from this morning? i have 100 checkins for my work.

meanwhile every time i check in, foursquare tells me that the “mayor” of the Times is a guy who hasn’t even been in our building 100 times.

how am i supposed to feel about that?

truth of the matter is i dont care who the mayor of any of these places is, and its very nice that foursquare is currently saying that our mayor is a lovely and hardworking young gentleman fresh outta college.

but what worries me is, if they cant figure out something simple like 100 is more than 20 then what are they really doing with all that amazing personal information that i give them several times a day like

where i am

what im doing

who im with

what im buying

what im eating

what im drinking

people i love and would die for dont know all those minute details

yet these faceless Anybody’s are constantly compiling not just my personal deets but everyone who uses their stuff. so what are the doing with it? and what are they telling people about it?

if you cant even get the easiest part of the “game” right, then what are you doing with the more sensitive stuff that’s not so easy?

a lot of social media and hell even blogging is a trust game with strangers.

and for the most part most of the people have been pretty cool with each other.

but at some point someone is going to feel stupid for sharing such information with people they know nothing about.

i think i have reached that point with foursquare.