Just because you can (sorta) sell out Staples Center

should you play there?

Maybe in LA you should rock a smaller venue on your first headlining tour. Like the Gibson. Or better yet the Wiltern.

If you’re Rihanna maybe you should show the entertainment capital that you’re not just a pretty face with great producers behind you. Maybe you should convince us that you’re truly a force that’s going to be around a while and the long legs are just a bonus.

Because what happens when you mostly fill up a basketball arena is you barely please the wrong people and you barely prove anything.

The only message you send is that you’re 21 and gorgeous and you were lucky enough to have Jay-z and endless amount of songwriters around you. I’d that skill? Talent? Or just the Johnny Bravo syndrome of being the right former-model at the right place at the right time?

Personally I want to believe that there’s something special and unique about Rhi Rhi other than her island accent and her ability to wear the most ridiculous outfits and mostly pull them off. Personally I want to believe that she is the sole reason that her pop hits are hits because of something she is responsible for and not her posse.

But tonight at Staples I heard the biggest screams for her special guest star Eminem who joined her for their duet “I love the way you lie” and the second biggest scream for the video image of her maestro Jiggaman who was nowhere near LA.

Sure she said hi to LA the right number of times, yes the production was passable and professional enough, but as Robert Plant once asked “does anyone remember laughter?”. Where was the joy? Where was the pain? The passion?


I don’t wanna be a rude boy but after 3 records shouldn’t we expect Rihanna to be big enough, tough enough, and savvy enough to share with an audience some of the emotion of being a pop princess in this disposable world?

No shout out to LA who delivered you youre new love? No defiant rant about how not that long ago you were riding to that very same Staples Center and your life came crashing down – BUT NOW YOURE BACK AND YOU SOLD OUT THE EFFER?

has everyone forgotten the venom in rock? the power of goodbye? What happened to Girl Power?

Was all that replaced by a curious 1 minute cover of a Shelia E 80s hit and outfits that show off your curvy thighs?

Sadly what we got tonight was a robotic, frenzied, hurried tour through all the great (and not so great) tunes of a top 40 diva who can’t dance and can barely sing. And in LA, a town where super pretty young women in hot clothes are everywhere, that doesn’t really cut it.

Jay-Z has a lot more strings to pull in regards to this one. because unfortunately she cannot do it on her own.