today is my buddy bob’s birthday

hes 24.

we met in the basement of Keeneyville School in kindergarten.

my mom says that i was super outgoing and insane and bob was really quiet and intellectual so they put us together to see if our traits would rub off on each other.

we were pretty inseparable until high school when i discovered girls. but the other truth was he was always a little better athlete than me, so he played varsity sports and i was in the band.

while we were kids we played a lot of sports, collected baseball cards, and watched the cubs a lot. bob’s dad was an inventor in his spare time. he created these golf balls that had weights on one side so they would roll in a goofy way. it was perfect for mini golf tournaments cuz even the drunk people might win.

bob is now a hot shot in the world’s finest microphone company. he still collects baseball cards and other deals on

recently we had a grade school reunion and it was great to see him and he gushed to our friends about how he re-discovered me through the busblog which is another reason this site has been priceless to me.

Bob has two children, both named after great Cubbies.

happy birthday, General Manager! This is the year!