1. Thursday, July 22, 2010

    tonight i will be watching a rock performance 

    by the group “rage against the machine”

    it will be at the legendary hollywood former dancehall, the hollywood palladium.

    there will be no original photos this weekend because i dont dare bring my camera.

    or my mobile telephone which has, as you’ve seen this week, a wonderfully good camera.

    i once interviewed henry rollins before a show at the palladium and he said when he performs he likes to wear as little as possible: hes barefoot, and only sports black shorts. no shirt.

    tonight i want to wear almost exactly that, plus shoes.

    i want to go to the pit and run around with the wild.

    i want the energy and the fire and the life of that hallowed hall to tear through me and for the music to create magic.

    i have seen so many bands this year who have disappointed or barely lived up to expectations.

    but rage against the machine? at a hastily arranged concert to raise awareness and funds to protest the controversial new Arizona law? in the center of hollywood on a friday night in the middle of summer?

    i predict an earthquake.