why i love baseball

baseball is over 100 years old. but the rules are so intricate and beautiful that even those who have been playing it professionally for decades sometimes screw up and ruin everything for their teams.

last night the dodgers were leading the game going into the ninth. their hall of fame bound manager was in the locker room after being ejected previously in the night. the acting manager, don mattingly, walked out to the mound to talk to all-star closer jonathan broxton. after the short meeting donny baseball left the mound and headed back to the dugout.

all was well until first basemen james loney asked a followup question.

mattingly, who had just barely stepped off the mound turned around and stepped back on the mound to answer loney for a brief moment. seconds later he left the mound for a second time and returned to the dugout.

the opposing manager bruce bochy then protested to the umpires that mattingly had actually visited the mound twice which means broxton had to be removed from the game. the umps agreed and forced george sherril, who had not warmed up, to replace broxton. the cold pitcher gave up a series of hits and the dodgers lost.

lessons learned: keep your head in the game, always watch everything at all times, dont improvise on the pitching mound.

and if i was a dodger fan id be wondering why there are two yankees running things for the dodgers. but since im a cub fan i dont really care much.