ran stairs last night through hollywood

theres some good ones if you look

ive noticed that the difference between old pricks and old nice people is the pricks are out of shape and have given up on themselves.

anyone who has ever ended up on the wrong side of one of my angry bitter pointed emails or blog posts know that i could easily slide down into the dark side and bring quite a few stormtroopers along with me.

for some reason i dont believe that thats why the Good Lord put me on this planet.

so i have been taking the advice and consultation of my nutritionist and returned to running 5 and 10k’s through the streets of hollywood around midnight in order to sweat the day’s evil out of my system and breath in the life that is tinsel town.

and it works. every night that i run i feel way better emotionally and spiritually the next day. and yes i feel stronger physically.

not sure when i got out of shape. probably when i got a company car back in the day when i lived up in frisco. those were good days for your hero. the women of the bay had very little options when it came to straight men. i was thin, i had a full fro, and our victorian on haight was fill with wine, punk and hippy women, and so much song.

and then there was the food. ah the delcious treats from market street thai houses to soul food on divis to sea food on the embarcadero, to mexican by the park.

its hard not to look young when you have metabolism of an eighth grader.

sadly that doesnt last for ever and soon you have a cute little gut that turns into something not so cute.

thus at 103 yrs old you find yourself sweating to the oldies by moonlight through the hills of barnsdale park and then up and down the stairs of the sunset vermont metro station and then through the side streets of los feliz and silverlake dodging skunks and stoned hipsters.

this is the america they dont write about in melrose avenue plays, but they should.