today is my buddy Chris’s birthday

he’s 24.

we were roommates in college and bffs the whole time. chris basically taught me to skate. together we were in the college of creative studies for poetry.

our senior year we shared a room. he built bunkbeds that werent really beds. it was a frame in which my mattress rested atop and his futon sat well below. all around his area he hung mexican blankets and called his space “Chris Land”.

chris, like many of our friends, was really into the grateful dead. so at night he’d put in a classic dead set and “fall asleep” with his girlfriend as i studied in the living room. after a few hours id enter the room, climb up the ladder of chrisland and pass out listening to jerry and bob jam.

after college, chris became one of the pioneers in digital video. his most successful venture was creating the elements between scenes on the Tony Hawk video games. so many of my friends went into professions based on things that they loved, so to watch chris become successful from two things that he was passionate about: video games and skateboarding

now chris is passionate about raising his kids and being a long time laker season ticket holder. there are very few people who know me as well as chris, and in his very quiet way he has been a huge inspiration to all of us. chris isnt in town to celebrate his birthday because he is helping his son Justus move into COLLEGE(!?!?!?), but we all celebrated at his venice home this weekend and many beers were drunk as we all reminisced about the good old days.

like old people do.