is it me, or do you too find this disgusting

this commercialization so soon, this sellout of pop culture, this auction of almost everything important within LOST

one of our reporters was given a tour of an auction being held this weekend in santa monica of thousands of props used on LOST

$45 if you want to view it. hundreds if not thousands if you wanna buy it.

my question is, why sell it so quickly? is ABC hurting for cash that badly? why not put it in a museum? the wheel that turned the island is for sale – where could that go?

what they didnt show, that is even more precious, but still for sale is the metal cup that Jack drank out of as part of the ceremony before he was made protector of the island.

im all for capitalism, and TV shows are meant to be commodities, but something about all of this seems so tawdry and tacky. and too too too soon.