we are all going to die

all of us. it’s our one unified shared experience.

we might not all kiss the prettiest girl in school.

we might not all find our true love.

we might not all live the california dream of a house, two kids, a mistress, and a nanny.

but we will all die.

and yet most of us run around like there is not an invisible expiration date stamped on our foreheads.

most of us float through life like we don’t influence each other.

most of us coast through our days as if we have infinity to make a difference.

this video game, this rock show, this slow dance ends with worms eating us.

the end.

so while we have this sliver of time of animation, no matter what the losers in your social circle tell you through verbal and non verbal means

you have a chance to rock.

you have a chance to be the led zeppelin of your block.

you have the chance to be better than every one else who has ever done the thing that you do.

and as cheesy as it sounds, its all up to, and only up to you.

if you work at a college newspaper, if you play in the marching band, if you volunteer at a shelter, it doesnt matter. whatever it is, you have the tools, you have the spirit, you have the chance

to kick it up a notch.

not because you are so special, but because, and you know this, because everyone else is playing this game in slow motion.

everyone else is waiting for a time out on the field.

everyone else is waiting for a distraction in their day to allow them the coffee break of their lives or the shiny keys to jangle.

they say they want to rock, but they dont really.

they say they want to be the best, but come on.

they say they are committed to excellence, but the only thing they’ve ever committed to is dragging their feet and indirectly dragging everyone else down a step with them.

so the question is when will you stop the cycle of mediocrity in your life, shift out of second gear and

floor it

if you say “today” you still dont get it.

the only correct answer is now.

because “today” is the day people will die.

now is the time we live.