1. Thursday, September 9, 2010

    damn you easter bunny 

    lost a good soul to the big bad unblinking eye in the sky.

    life is so competitive. its a massive multiplayer online game.

    instead of swords and arrows and sledgehammers and grenades people wield invisible weapons.

    once upon a time blogs were secret tools. they could get inside the cracks and clean out the dirty parts.

    some say love, it is a river.

    if so i think fear, it is an ocean.

    theres a few things i fear. high on the list is selling out.

    another thing i fear is taking the easy way out.

    almost everything i learned about life i learned from video games.

    dont go into God Mode too much. dont hit restart. dont use cheat codes.

    experiment, look around, try new things. work as a team.

    and most importantly walk around and shake out the carpal tunnel every hour.