im going on summer vacation soon

i have a house sitter (pictured, below in the previous post)

i just dont know where i wanna go.

thinking about chicago to see my momma. thinkin about nyc to see nyc.

but this video makes me think about going to frisco for a lil while.

i lived up there for a few years, surrounded by friends and even spent a few important summers as a teen up there, one in particular feeling up a girl named mary.

and yet i havent been up there in quite a while.

ten things i miss:

1. haight street teenage bums
2. house of nan king
3. the 500 club
4. the f market trolley
5. arts cafe
6. brothers in law
7. truly med
8. 16th street
9. how amazing the gg bridge looks at almost every angle and weather condition
10. the bars on lower haight

i still cant believe i worked an entire baseball season at the old ‘Stick

god im old