1. Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    sometimes theres so much to say 

    that you dont know where to begin

    and youre there with the person youve spent more time with than anyone

    and youre in a fancy car and it has a good stereo

    and normally you can tell a story or two

    but you could tell about 22 million because this is the place where it all began

    and you want to go in, and the door is open, and you look nice enough

    and you want to go in your elementary school, and the gym door is open

    and you wanna say hi to the marching band’s drum line thats practicing in the parking lot

    (which you do and they smile)

    and then the sky parts and the thunder and lightening appears

    and minutes later the rain dumps like mad

    but still most of your stories just stay in your head because theyre yours and yours alone

    and everyone else would be bored outta their minds, so you keep most of them to yourself.

    and everybody wins.