all day i thought i was dreaming

first we had a sr. editors meeting and my boss said bro do you wanna make yr announcement?

and bro said what he had to say and all eyes were on me and i was all, if this is a dream imma be so pissed off.

people laughed but i said again, dreams are lies told to you at yr most vulnerable and its effed up.

but that turned out to be not a dream.

then lunch was great, then this training i gave was perfect, and this meeting i was in, and this sports meeting i was in

then we had this mixer at 4:30 that went on for two hours and there was booze.

then at 7 i went home. and at 8 there was a hot babe waiting for me at my abode

but bust of all she had a bottle of jamison. which i learned was imported.

we toasted and all was well.

have you noticed that some people, after the glass has been clinked, tap the table with the glass? im not that person.

we drank once, twice, three times a lady.

toook the subway to the hollywood bowl

just in time for Sonic Youth

then pavement

awesome seats. great girl. perfect weather: 79 degrees at 9pm?!!?~

then drinks. then blog it all up reminding the audience that nothing in here is true

except this: if i wasnt going to tom petty on fri and yoko ono with thurston moore kim gordon and yoko ono on sat id totally go see rocket, because they rock it

not because theyre all super hot and loud and rockin – cuz theyr that too

im drnk