october is only 11 days in and yet its truly been rocktober

first yoko ono lady gaga and friends blew my mind, then Black Lips were super fun last thursday

then of course monotonix delivered a performance i will never ever ever forget on saturday

but friday i found myself in the pit of the arcade fire. like most people i freakin adore them, ive seen them 3-4 times, and this was a great show. so great i got emotional a few times because it was so beautiful and spiritual and fun, and our “seats” couldnta been better. we were literally one person away from the stage.

my buddy todd martens went the night before and warned me that parking and traffic were crazy so we took the subway to alvarado and wilshire then took a cab to the show so we wouldnt have to spend hours looking for parking.

the ride was great. this dude from africa was listening to a radio minister and we talked about his sermon and laughed and laughed and praised the truest for saving afrique.

got to the show, what a beautiful venue. then the rock commenced and i know its hokey to talk about the concept of a Holy Spirit but if there is such a thing, it was alive, well, and gettin down at the arcade fire show.

the rich musicality of those canadian kids is amazing, and the fun they have, and the richness of the sound. these youngins somehow fluxuate between serious and childlike simultaneously. so fascinating.

then at the end bro jumped out into the stage and walked right into me. you can see it on the vid. we were so thrilled by the show that we walked about 4 miles to hollywood down vermont until we got tired. then we turned around, whistled for a cab, and bam got a cab. then had a tasty italian meal with wine and thanked the Lord above for blessing us so.

and i often thank him for you too, fyi.


theres a level of greatness that i think we all aspire to. i know i do.

i wonder if i dont get there out of laziness or out of the fear that i really cant make it.

probably the former.

went hiking on saturday with karisa and her friend mary. first we did outdoor free yoga.

trust me, i was completely uncomfortable. the extent of my yoga has been in the comfort of my bachelor pad via Wii, and that one time in the basement of the Times.

lets just say im a rank amateur.

out there in the morning with all these perfect LA types, most of whom knew exactly what they were doing was both inspiring and embarrassing because some of the balance poses had me shaking and teetering and at times falling down.

at one point i had to take off my shirt cuz it was getting hot out there and yoga takes a lot out of you when the instructor has you constantly moving.

after we were done we did the hike that karisa and i have done several times.

except this time i was able to conquer the mountain with little difficulty. despite the heat.

which gives me hope that with practice anything is achievable.

not only that, but mix a little confidence and swagger, dreams can come true in badass ways. as the mysterious banksy proved in the opening of last nights simpsons.