this is Elina Shatkin

yes she is standing next to a replica of a frozen Han Solo surrounded with guacamole.

but why is she smiling?

thats a great question. shes smiling, and you should too, because she is the new 2nd Food Critic for the L.A. Weekly.

(The 1st food critic, Jonathan Gold, is a Pulitzer Prize winner.)

you may say to yourself, “hmmmm, Elina Shatkin, my that name sounds familiar, where have i seen that before on the busblog?”

well, Elina was the film editor of LAist when i was over there. she is the girlfriend of Rob Takata, who snapped the photo above from Guac Bowl 2009, who i worked with at E!

my memory is fuzzy but i believe Rob emailed me soon after i got my gig to introduce me to his main squeeze to write for the metro site.

oh no, thanks to Google Mail, heres the email pitch itself dated July 9, 2006!


I’m sure you get a lot of submissions, but my friend, Rob Takata, suggested I send you my review of The Devil Wears Prada. Perhaps you’d be interested in printing it. Also, Rob says he saw The Groomsman earlier tonight, and “It wasn’t as bad as I thought.” He says he’ll get your his review soon.

Take care,
Elina Shatkin

my friend eh? wonder what the backstory was with that.

regardless Elina averaged about 4 posts a week for LAist during her run there, ended up at the Times before I did (*shakes fist) doing web production and writing for the food blog, among others, and now she gets to eat and write alongside one of the most beloved and respected foodies in the world, Mr Gold.


congratulations Elina, i am very very happy and proud of you!