although i appreciate the California DMV for trying to make it harder

for underage drivers from drinking, i dont think this new vertical license is going to do it.

first of all most people dont just use White Out and a typewriter to create fake IDs from existing licenses the way they did it in my day.

they are going to use a real ID and alter the photo.

or use a real ID and not alter the photo since we all know our drivers license photos rarely look like us.

just the other day i was drinking with a young lady and upon entering the establishment the bouncer looked at me, looked at my ID, looked at my age, looked at me, and said BARNEY YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! they were shocked that i was nearing the age of retirement but looked so. damn. good.

part of that was the fact that i looked so damn bad on my license.

the kids are going to drink no matter what we do, and if the state really wanted to crack down on underage boozing the first thing they should do is crack down on fraternities and sororities where binge drinking among minors is rampant and has been rampant since the times Greeks ruled the earth.

you know what else would slow down on underage drinking? the legalization of weed.

but thats another blog post for another day.