1. Friday, October 15, 2010

    america do you know i love you? 

    i do. canada too! and you too holland!

    australia, the parts of mexico where they dont behead people, minnesota, aruba – i have love for all of you.

    why am i overflowing with amore for all y’all?

    because youre wonderful and sweet and beautiful and sex-ay.

    and because i had the best meal last night with one hottie followed by some sweetness with another

    and then my boss said i could work from home today to write for the politics blog

    the best thing i wrote all week was this:

    Two out of three Fox and Friends think ‘all terrorists are Muslim’

    then your bff karisa gave me this link that allows one to get a $100 gift certificate to the best sushi place in all of LA for just $40!!!!

    finally Obama has done something right!

    oh wait, that’s Restaurant.com? same diff! whooo hooo peppered toro with truffle sauce it is!

    mama mia!

    whooo hooo!

    ay carrumba!

    happy weekend!

    go Bears!