the Los Feliz Pinkberry has closed???

how can the busblog be the first LA blog to notice this?

where’s LAist? Where’s Curbed LA? EaterLA?

how is it that the lowly granpa of an LA blog has this meltdown of a scoop?

thats the way Google Street View saw the old gal. Now theres a For Lease sign on it?

Not even the hyperactive UGC-powered Yelp has the news!?! Or itself?

How can this be??? I thought it was Crackberry and all the ladies and hipsters used it as rocket fuel while bloggers loooooved to write about its openings, closings, and copycat competitors?

Or the sweet pad the Pinkberry owners were able to buy from the Froyo.

The closing of the Abbot-Kinney Pinkberry gets blogged but not the Los Feliz locale? Someone’s gonna pull yr Eastside card, bloggers.

Oh well, guess you had to hear it here first.