1. Thursday, October 21, 2010

    my nutritionist really doesnt understand the temptations of my workplace 

    we have one woman who creates the most delicious baked goods nearly every day

    we have a boss who loves to buy donuts and cupcakes almost every week

    we have a copy chief who loves to have the candy jar filled with snack sized candies

    the photo desk loves to have savory treats all the time

    various desks like my man Jevon often has a basket of tempting delectables

    and then we have a fully staffed cafeteria thats open from morning to night.

    not to mention a variety of eateries all throughout our central downtown location.

    strangely ive been able to resist the “bad” stuff and lose 8 lbs over the last year.

    but yesterday when i saw that cake and box of donuts i had to give in

    and yes, i ate a donut.

    and loved it.

    and licked the napkin.