1. Sunday, October 17, 2010

    rocket rocked the house last night at the 3 Clubs 

    they’re loud, proud, and not at all the lil cutesy band you may have once heard

    all the boys wanted photos (check it out after the jump)

    lauren rocket really knows how to win over a crowd.

    look how she handled this couple. first with eyes

    then with the tongue

    tongues were the theme last night in hollywood, it seemed

    the rock was so good it was hard to keep things in focus at times

    i like to pretend it epitomizes how drunk some of yr friends were

    like these girls who i ended up driving home

    maybe they were inspired by billy dee williams

    i went with bree and jen from buzznet

    they loved the rock too. how couldnt you?

    rocket plays once more next friday at 3 Clubs on Vine

    get off yr butt and see em!