1. Sunday, October 24, 2010

    this is what a satisfied man looks like 

    this is what a city completely satisfied with their baseball team looks like – errythings orange

    this is what a lazy mans Cioppino looks like with a hot babe eating a whole crab looks like

    many famous people adore this seafood soup that originated in san francisco. just $35!

    check out the truest devouring her roasted garlic infused king crab of love

    earlier we had brunch at Mama’s in North Beach which every woman loves cuz its cute

    and fresh like dougie

    i had shrimp with poached egg on a muffin, whats that called? she had salmon, so we shared

    people say bring a book if you wanna go to mamas cuz the line can take an hour to get in. because it was raining it only took us a half hour to get in. soooo worth it!

    tonight we have to go home. sad face

    reporting from the home of the NL champs, this is yr busblogger saying hola!