1. Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    your favorite lil dutch girl got a new tattoo! 

    but sadly it doesnt say busblog

    yes one of the hottest girls ive ever met, JustAGirl got inked up last night

    so to celebrate i asked her to share some info with you

    JaG: I haven’t been up to much did a 10 day detox from hell, hoping I won’t get sick this winter (as I did last winter and the year before that). I’ve got some great drugs in fridge and no one to do them with :-( magic mushrooms

    busblog: Detoxing from….?

    JaG: detoxing from everything toxic, no booze, no fat, lots of beans. it was not my favorite thing to do. At all.

    busblog: wait, your bf wont shroom with you?

    JaG: oh he will eventually, but shrooms are his least favorite drugs and they’re my favs! I was suppose to do them with a “friend” and then she stood me up. I think that was the first time someone stood me up! and I had awesome drugs!!! I mean, how did that happen??

    busblog: hows things with the dutch girls?

    JaG: It’s been months since I’ve last been with a girl and I don’t miss it now but we all know that’s just a matter of time ;-)

    busblog: speaking of, how’s work as a runway model?

    JaG: work is awesome and busy

    busblog: ok what music are you rocking out to?

    JaG: For some reason I like Patrick Watson and Sia and Bob Dylan always makes me happy too

    busblog: old Dylan? new?

    JaG: mostly old

    JaG: I’m working on getting my earlobes stretched

    busblog: please dont

    JaG: not much! just a few mm

    busblog: only annoying dudes in Frisco should do such things. leave your beautiful face alone