i often think what my life would be if i wasnt a born again Christian

for starters id probably be a dick.

then id have tattoos for days.

id probably also be sadder and directionless. not that i have all that amazing of a direction now, but at least i know what i want to be when im dead: in heaven.

im sure i would have dabbled in a life of crime.

and i probably would have been a Sox fan.

and id have a gun.

and id probably have an ulcer.

and i would eat even worse than i eat now.

who knows, i might be dead.

its funny though because often i hear about people in jail who see The Light, like the author of Pimp, Iceberg Slim, who became a believer once he get locked up.

so maybe all roads would have led me to believe in Jesus.

who knows. all i know is im happy about it, but im sad i dont have a sweet tattoo like our server at Maggiano’s who sported this nice one to honor Ron Santo.