todays my sisters birthday. shes 24.

youd think itd be hard enough just going through life, let alone having me as your brother. growing up i was even more evil than i am now. now its mostly kept under wraps. but when i was young my imagination was vivid and endless.

if there was kiddie valium i should have been on it, instead i was handed bottles of coke, orange soda, and bags of doritos. opposite of valium.

my sister some how practiced the path of the straight and narrow. sure she did this thing or that thing but for the most part she kept it local got married at a reasonable age had kids and now lives in a great neighborhood with two wonderful kids.

and you’ll say oh thats fine but such is the way of the miscreant, they write better blogs. to which id retort au contraire. if my sister blogged shed be one of your faves.

she knows politics sports real estate fashion law

but the best of her achievements are her children of which she could write about too.

kyla and tyler are beautiful happy very smart kids.

they make you feel better about the future.

i know that if the little girl becomes president people would be given huge tax relief for each puppy they own

and i know that if the boy becomes president there will be national bowling days to benefit the poor.

happy birthday angie, enjoy your special day!