when i go to schools and talk to them

i ask early how many of you have blogs

and rarely does half the class raise their hands, not even a quarter of them do

which makes me happy and sad. happy because i dont wanna do something everyone does

and sad because i love to read good blogs and there are fewer and fewer of them each day

and im sure these kids living by the beach

in southern california

have a few stories to tell.

it was 95 degrees today in november in los angeles.

pretty girl with dimples told me it was about that by the beach in santa monica.

and still i thought of the lines theyd write if they had blogs:

it was sweaty out when i leaned into her beneath the half burned palm tree…

sand fleas danced on our bare legs when his ringtone blared on her phone…

metallica played my dads airplane hangar when i turned 18…

stuff like that.