1. Sunday, December 12, 2010

    dylan is getting hitched next week 

    so someone said BACHELOR PARTY!

    we first met Dylan so far back in the day there wasnt even color film yet

    above (top left by Dan Jeffers) he’s holding an Inside Wave, below he’s right in the center of the pic

    you may also remember Dylan in his band Shapes of Racecars or as Dracula in Monster Squad

    the plan was to meet at the Roosevelt, have some drinks and burgers and then go to the Tron premiere

    then back to the room for some more drinks (and dogs)

    then off to bowling

    where someone you know bowled pretty well despite being hammered

    yes those are 5 strikes in a row

    and then a gutterball :)

    congrats dylan!!

    good luck on your nuptials and world tour!