im watching basketball wives on mtv

feeling im the most boring person alive

i have zero drama in my life compared to these women.

and lets keep it that way.

maybe its cuz there are cameras in their face and the feel like theyve gotta front.

do you know how often i wanna front on a given fortnight?

bloggers shouldnt front. not american ones at least. we’re the examples.

maybe thats why canadian blogs are so good – no pressure eh

thats sarah palins advantage, b.t. dub, no one expects much out of her

they paint her as dumb and hokey. all i know is i saw kate gossling with those adorable kids

and sarah looked like a rockstar compared to her. and a movie star. and truly rugged.

the problem with the first few episodes is we see sarah in the woods with todd and todd’s a freaking outdoorsman, like professionally. hes amazing out there.

we also see her out in the wilderness with her dad who has been in the woods forever.

by putting her next to kate, finally we see a little more realistic context.

while camping, kate whines, “i dont understand why people have to pretend they’re homeless.”

i dont either baby.