1. Thursday, December 16, 2010

    a trip through this year via photos 

    here we have March 2010

    echo park bbq, march 5
    joey maloney, scott sterling, ali miller – one could build an empire around those three

    la times, march 8
    todd had cancer. the surgeon had a knife. todd now has a killer scar.

    echo park, sunset blvd, march 9
    always remember that the food truck revolution came directly from taco trucks like tacos arizas

    westchester, march 10
    the only thing better than amazing sushi, are two foul mouthed girls to enjoy it with

    hollywood, march 11
    the only thing better than boring one girl in yr bedroom is, wait, nevermind

    austin, texas, march 13
    they said paint, so i made the sun

    sxsw twitter party, austin, tx, march 14
    ev williams and mark milian, fantastic gents, neither of whom have the same gig now that they had then

    austin, tx, march 15
    can you tell im annoyed? things worked out later, in a nice way.

    austin, tx, march 16
    a kilt and a metal shirt = awesome. who knew?

    sixth street, march 17
    even though poetry been berry berry good to me, it can fend for itself if you ask me

    sixth street, st paddys day
    the only thing i like doing more than taking pics, its taking pics of people posing for pics

    near la zona rosa, st paddys day
    shepard fairey wuz here

    austin, tx, march 18
    hangovers have me seeing double

    ifc house, march 18
    if i was any closer to The Sword at this show i woulda been in the band

    austin music hall, march 18
    biggest surprise of the week: stp stills got it

    austin, march 18
    dum dum girls have a sweet sweet thing goin

    austin, march 18
    best texas band no one ever talks about: quiet company

    stubb’s bbq, march 19
    <3 courtney love cobain <3

    stubbs bbq, red river, march 19
    one of the legends of red river, asher garber, and the car i would later own

    prague club, march 20
    matt good said he hadnt been to sxsw for 15 years and it would be another 15 when hed return

    runyun canyon, march 28
    it was 85 degrees, you’d have gone for a hike too