hi huge boulder

as big as a VW bug in the middle of PCH in Malibu.

hi tony pierce

what are you doing?

getting stoned.

sweet. so dude, where did you come from?

up there.

yeah but how were you made? were you in the mountain, or on it, or what?

how was i made? a mommy boulder and a daddy boulder kiss, then a baby boulder is made. was i in the mountain? yes and no. see, im part of the mountain. mountains are made up of rocks. im a rock. prick me. dont i bleed?

there are really huge ass perfectly round boulders in mountains?


how do you get round?




so water runs around you and shapes you?

youre quick. yes, tony, water. not italian renaissance artists. water.

why did you come down off your mountain?


why did you stop here in the middle of the road?

i got tired. im 10,000 years old. i get winded quickly.

anything you want to say to the readers of the busblog before they blow you up?

yes. love each other. one day you might get smooshed driving back from the piggly wiggly by something bigger than a house.

cool. k thanks big huge boulder in the middle of the road.

peace out little blogger fella.

peace out big rock!

this post was a rerun from January 5, 2005

i want to always keep it as real as my nephew

who was asked to smile on picture day

but was all, heres my buster keaton impersonation

a lot of people get nervous when you keep it real though. no need for that.

shouldnt you feel more nervous when people are not keeping it real?

what does that say about their trust in you, or their trust in themselves?

stuffs broken when people cant keep it real. and when will it get fixed?

we are here for such a short period of time.

im very proud of my nephew for not selling out

for even that one moment where everyone else said cheese