my maid comes about once a month

she should come more but do i look like im made of money?

one really nice and super unexpected thing she started doing was cooking for me.

originally it was with things in my fridge but i dont have many things in my fridge so she started bringing over food to cook for me.

because im always at work when shes here, when she was done cooking and cleaning she would put a paper towel over the plate and set the plate next to the microwave, and then take the bus back to her home.

at that stage of my life i didnt always come home that night and id arrive the next day with a beautiful plate of chicken and peas and potatoes – that i definitely couldnt eat.

so i told her as delicately as i could, please, you dont have to cook, but if you do, put it in the fridge.

now every time she comes over she cooks. in fact yesterday when she called to confirm she reminded me not to bring home any thing cuz she was going to cook.

all foods i didnt have in my fridge. including two pork chops.

she even made me an extra bowl of vegetables.

because in the 7 years shes cleaned this sprawling mansion,

she aint never seen no vegetables.