in march

rep gabrielle giffords said this of the sarahpac poster with a bullseye over her district

“Sarah Palin has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district and when people do that, they’ve gotta realize there are consequences to that action.”- 3/25/10

they should just outlaw Will Call

and let you print tix off yr computer (start at bottom)

if i was president id change things so much

for one id debate my critics constantly.

on pay per view.

stupid greedy people with secret aims of ignorance and evil should be outted

and humiliated by someone.

may as well happen at the hands of the leader of the free world

who’d then turn the ppv money over to local schools

Getting Schooled by the President

not sure why the Lord loves me

but let the record state i love Him right back, times infinity

angel whispered in my dreams last night

wanna know why you didnt win that $330 million lottery other day?

because even though We woulda been happy with you spreading soul food around the planet

and even though We know you woulda created Isla Vista Records, the finest label since sub pop

and even though secretly most of the profits of those ventures woulda gone to The Motha Land

you already can do all of those things without any lottery winnings

and your cup is already overflowing

experienced a little ticket snafu at the museum of natural history last night

even the dude said i know who you work for tony and you can quote me – our ticket vendor is the worst in history, this happens all the time, and i dont know how they stay in business.

and the pretty girl i was with was so apologetic and i was thinking, whats to be upset about, right next door theres a Lingerie Football League game playing

down the street theres some terrific soul food (dont tell my nutritionist).

there are dangerous dive bars errrrywhere

the Melvins are at Spaceland

as the song goes, tonight, the streets are ours.

after licking ever drop from the rib sandwich in the xbi mobile (which was simply a half a slab of ribs and two pieces of white bread), we learned that DJ Scott Sterling was spinning the wheels of steel at the downtown Standard.

where we also happened to run into los angeles legend George K. Wright.

and when no one was lookin i spilled a little on the ground for the brothas who werent with us

and later took a picture of the bathroom

for yr ass