today is ashley’s birthday

shes 24. we met on the internet.

ive told this story many many times before but who cares its adorable.

when i first met her she looked so damn young that i wanted to lock the door and not let her into my car out of fear it was all a trap.

earlier that year we had met in a drew barrymore message board. we both loved the actress, but little did i know how much her love of the child star overshadowed mine.

one email turned into two, then we started chatting via AIM for hours.

i was about to break up with my truest for the 2nd, and final time, and having the daisy princess there to distract me was vital to my breaking heart.

after moving into my new bachelor pad ashley and i would chat until well into the night. never anything more than G-rated fare, i assure you. and if it ever got R-rated she’d say “gross” and id laugh it off.

but trust me, after checking her ID on our first encounter of her hometown of Vegas, even though i didnt believe that she was 19, i still moved in for a tad of romance as the night rolled on and i realized that indeed she was the genuine article, the chat buddy i had bonded with all those many months.

one thing led to another and ashley moved to LA. orange county technically, but so cal. id drive down to her, she’d drive up to me, we’d spend lost weekends together.

she was the first girl i dated who was a princess. she wasnt ashamed. she wore it on her sleeve like a tiara. i found it nice that she would get jealous over the slightest things. it was funny to me. i liked that she needed me to hold her all night as we slept. some may find that annoying, i didnt.

we went to tons of concerts, ate lots of pizza, and basically loved each other.

but from that first encounter on, i knew we were on borrowed time. i was regularly trying to break things off, but she would have nothing to do with that. and that tension made for great blog posts and web pages and unfortunately many tears from the sweet blonde angel.

im so happy for her that she now has her dream house, husband, and adorable child. its all the things she always wanted and deserved. i do miss her blogging. she was good at it. but clearly shes spending all that time on her precious lil princess.

i miss her very much and still have lots of love for her.

happy birthday daisy girl!

have i told you im insane?

‘s true

my boss overheard me say i wanna lose 15 lbs by bikini season.

“you could stand to lose 20”, he said in his usual snarky, but funny, way.

then he marched over to the health editor and declared that i would be writing Every Day for the Booster Shots blog about my diet.

somehow the guy i actually report to, a nice gent named Jimmy Orr, was part of the deal.

now Jimmy and I are writing every day for not just the Times, but lots of sites that Tribune owns like the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, the Baltimore Sun, the Hartford Courant, the Chicago Tribune, and several others around this fine land.

who knew id be syndicated not for my amazing insights on blogging, knowledge of LA, or pop culture, but of… health?

so strange, trust me. i know.

last night i learned how much wheat bread varies in calories, and may be one reason i have the beer belly that i currently host.

but if you wanna start from the beginning, here was the first post i did where i talked about eating ribs and pizza all weekend.

the plan is to do this for six weeks and see where we are. if its a horrible experience then thats it, its over, and if it gets readers and interest, we get re-upped. wish me luck!

how is it that jon stewart is just so much better than every one else on tv?

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is it his writers? is it all his call?

is it because his competitions tries so very hard not to be good

instead they try to be hysterical, and succeed.

whatever it is im happy we have 500 channels because when there were just a handful there was no where for some one to be logical and real and smart.

palin/stewart 2012