this is one of my favorite pictures of my truest

once upon a time we lived in frisco together.

for some reason we decided to go roller skating in golden gate park.

neither of us had been skating since we were kids.

something happened and she fell and grimaced.

i was all, get up. she was all it hurts. i was like get up!

she didnt get up. couldnt get up. then she started crying softly.

eventually i called an ambulance. then we rode in the ambulance.

turned out she had damaged one of her spinal thingies.

her mom flew down from oregon. her mom bought us an expensive mattress asap.

this is a pic of my truest being taken care of by her ma exactly how she wanted me to care for her.

but the best is the look in her face still ticked off days after i was all just get up already.

good times.

guess who finally has a scanner

that isnt a royal pain in the bootay

me and hillary clinton at ucsb storke plaza

a long time ago governor bill clinton was running for president

but he couldnt make it to santa barbara so he sent his wife who had just kicked butt on 60 minutes

she showed up on time, she rocked for a good strong 20 minutes, and the kids were pumped like i hadnt ever seen before.

before the speech she gave an interview with the nexus and shook hands with some dignitaries

and then took a picture with me.

while in vegas one evening i nearly ran right into christian slater and jon favreau who were filming Very Bad Things. minutes after taking this photo i went to my ATM and saw that instead of a reasonable amount of money i had exactly $20.50. i was shocked. i was sad. i was scared.

but i made it out of vegas fine and had a good time while i was there.

and now any time im depressed in vegas for being low on funds or lower than i had expected i remember that moment right after running into mr pump up the volume, heathers, gleaming the damn cube, and i think at least youre not as effed as you were then.

speaking of vegas. this is from a time even before hillary. this is from the pool of the imperial palace with my buddies chris and joe who im very lucky to still be friends with today.

we had seen the light the night about 6 hours before this pic and later that day we were to see steve miller, sting, and the grateful dead in a stadium filled with girls so uncomfortable with the heat that they just faught it off the way only hippie girls could.

we all won.

even the sky.

for in the middle of “Drums” which is the part in the middle of the Dead Show where the two drummers go for it for a good 20-30 minutes, a thunderstorm crept up across the desert and could be seen behind the stage.

right in the middle of the drum jam the sky thundered

the drummers echoed the monstrous sound

to the delight of the sold out crowd

then the thunder rumbled some more

and the drummers riffed off that

and then more from the gods

repeated by the mortals

with each volley and return the crowd cheered in amazement

and when it was over it rained a little, the band returned to stage

and the naked crowd had been baptized by rock.