i love it when

danielle blogs

I think that this person wants unrequited love
revenge on me.
That he is clearly just going to torture me
mentally until he feels satisfied
and it is probably going to work.
I shall no longer write of this sitch.
Let us discuss how wonderful

the beginning and end is emotional and perfectly written

but if you want the sunshine that is being around her, you wont get it.

this blog of hers is definitely the dark crust of her thoughts.

dont be scared though, everything in that head of hers is beautiful

last night i was hit with a scratchy throat

and it made me so nervous

because usually a scratchy throat means omg yr about to get sick.

so even though i was told that juice has way too much sugar for a man trying to stick to a diet, apple juice is my comfort food

along with kfc, mcdonalds fries, kfc fries, fatburger fries, mashed potatoes, and ding dongs.

i like to eat the sides of the ding dong first, biting the harder chocolate skin away from the moist chocolate cake.

then i like to work on the top of the dong.

i ignore the bottom ding cuz i dont have that much patience.

then i shove the rest of the hostess creation into my big fat mouth and thank the Lord for such a treat.

but i digress.

i feel way better today. :)