nothing in heres true right?


dont ever go to insanely beautiful central france with your friends to see one of them get married in a gorgeous dual ceremony

in the summer in a part of the country where the cows are white

and all the pictures show up in black n white cuz the colors would melt ur eyes

until they turned to yeses and exes

im melting into this picture because its reminding me that anythings possible

so close your eyes n floor it.

true story told at that dinner table right before the camera flashed.

the brides family has always lorded over the vacation town where the wedding took place

mayors or governors or whatever they call the person who is supposed to look out for the cute little burg.

one day the nazis marched into town. “who runs this place,” they asked a farmer and the farmer pointed to the castle whose front lawn the above photo was taken on.

but a funny thing happened about six months before the nazis came to town. the bride’s family was voted out of office. in a fluke the people for no particular reason felt it was a time for a change and the new leaders moved into the castle.

and the nazis took the people out of the castle and they led them to the barn and they burned down the barn.

when france was free again there was a new vote in town and the brides family was voted back in.

the moral of the story: pay off the farmers.

im listening to deathmachine

and thinking about you

the secret blog is rolling along pretty well and the super secret blog has stalled

but the busblog is what you love and if you are here right now as jay z says i appreciate it. like woah.

what i may do is take a little census of you who made it to the end of the busblog as we know it because im afraid things are gonna change when the beginning of the new thing comes.

you who are here now are the real ones. the next ones will be the bandwaggoners, who are fine, but without you, what few there are now, you have helped me sputter across the finish line.

so many dont finish. but then again, so many dont try.

today i was at the gym, pushing myself harder than ever before.

i am not jay cutler. i dont stop on the precipice of the super bowl.

on the hallowed frozen effed up turf of soldier field.

against the green bay packers.

with children watching!

i used to be so pro jay cutler. i may have been the last one.

but secretly thats my problem, even with idiots and asswipes i back them all when no one else will. i squint so hard to find the good in people, but does it pay off in the end?

only sometimes.

now wrote a song for everyone is on. mavis staples with jeff tweedy.

do you know what i want to be when i grow up?

things id never expect.