im not tempted by anything

if theres one thing i can do its say no.

cant say no to blogging though. love it, need it, will have it forever.

i have some friends whose lives are exploding right now and it makes me jealous.

not because they are doing things that i yearn to do – hell any of us can do anything. what im jealous of are the stories they could tell if they wanted to.

for example i will never be a 25 year old young woman totally reevaluating her place.

and by reevaluating i mean going out on a dates with two guys on the same night.


i often ask, why dont these people write down these tales? do they think this is how theyre going to be growing their whole life?

as idealistic as i am, i know that we go through growth spurts. we bloom, someone is attracted to that, we get captured, and we settle until the next dramatic thing happens and we bloom again.

yes we are flowers and we should take pictures of ourselves all the time, but particularly when we are at our most glorious.

if for no other reason, so that when we are down, which is an inevitability, we can look back and say, yes thats what im capable of, let me get up off the ground and rock again.