the grates turn into a duo

as their longtime drummer decides to become a baker

10 excerpts from The Grates’ press release blog post published yesterday:

10. With heavy hearts we announce that Alana Skyring, cutest drummer in rock, has left our band to pursue the culinary arts (or in other words, to become the cutest baker in baking). We wish her the very best of luck.

9. John & I will continue on as the Grates & have whole bunch of new songs to share with you very soon.

8. We’re in the process of recording them all now, in Brooklyn NY, and can’t wait to bring them back home.

7. Happy 2011, let’s make it great.

6. xoxo

5. The Grates have been based in Brooklyn for the last year.

4. It’s been an interesting period for the Brisbane band as they relocated to the USA, saw a change in their line up and began work in earnest on their next record.

3. “Brooklyn has a persuasive & inviting community spirit. Being surrounded by thousands of artists finding pleasure in their creations definitely re-energised our spirits in writing a new record.” says frontwoman Patience Hodgson of the move.

2. The Grates will continue as a two-piece, recruiting talented renegades along the way for recording and live performances.

1. The Grates’ highly anticipated new album is due out in June 2011.