1. Monday, January 3, 2011

    cleaning up one year 

    so we can start the new one fresh n smoove: November 2010

    los angeles, nov 1
    november turned into the hottest month of the summer

    downtown los angeles, nov 8
    to take a full step away from this failed season, i bought a new cubs hat

    los feliz, nov 8
    when my favorite bank quadrupled their amount of atms i was all why?
    turned out the bank knew what the heck it was doing.

    little tokyo, nov 11
    had a nice bowl of pork bone ramen with sarah at mr ramen

    la times, nov 12
    got to interview the most successful producer in all of talk radio

    east la, nov 14
    bought the car of someones dreams

    house of blues, sunset strip, nov 15
    somehow gwar was boring

    la convention center, nov 16
    went to the la auto show. going to an auto show 2 days after buying a new car
    is like going to a strip club two days after your wedding.

    pasadena, nov 23
    got a physical: my cholesterol is fine, but i was still told to join a gym. death panel, please.

    la times, nov 24
    this is the side of a famous movie star’s trailer which is a converted school bus
    i saw him walking down the street with his entourage with a smile from ear to ear

    hollywood, nov 25
    ali took me to see a band play, in a strip club

    wessside, nov 26
    karisa hosted a delicious thanksgiving

    gibson amphitheatre, nov 27
    weezer played pinkerton all the way through