danielle keeps it real

do you?

From her always passionate blog:

I am also not the greatest, purest, or downright kindest human being to exist
I am willing to admit that after all.
There is a philosophy meandering out there that lays claim that we
never grow out of high school and well I was home coming Queen
pretty, popular, and most likely a b[eeyoatch]
All of which truthfully I am today.
To be flawed, selfish, and full of feelings is to be human.
I am that. Just one human being on this planet trying to be
trying to meander herself through this crazy world
full of other peoples’ baggage and my own
that even I, blessed with the brilliant intuitative mind that
I have, cannot understand. However, if there is one aspect to this craziness
that I get is the tragedy of love.

Do you know that Danielle and I have known each other seven years now???

Damn time flies. That also means that Keeping it Real is almost seven years old.

Make a wish!