have i told you im insane?

‘s true

my boss overheard me say i wanna lose 15 lbs by bikini season.

“you could stand to lose 20”, he said in his usual snarky, but funny, way.

then he marched over to the health editor and declared that i would be writing Every Day for the Booster Shots blog about my diet.

somehow the guy i actually report to, a nice gent named Jimmy Orr, was part of the deal.

now Jimmy and I are writing every day for not just the Times, but lots of sites that Tribune owns like the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, the Baltimore Sun, the Hartford Courant, the Chicago Tribune, and several others around this fine land.

who knew id be syndicated not for my amazing insights on blogging, knowledge of LA, or pop culture, but of… health?

so strange, trust me. i know.

last night i learned how much wheat bread varies in calories, and may be one reason i have the beer belly that i currently host.

but if you wanna start from the beginning, here was the first post i did where i talked about eating ribs and pizza all weekend.

the plan is to do this for six weeks and see where we are. if its a horrible experience then thats it, its over, and if it gets readers and interest, we get re-upped. wish me luck!