more than a year ago I got this question emailed to me

to which i can finally answer today about a song i watched David Bowie perform on Saturday Night Live


I read your post about remembering David Bowie “singing in a sarcophagus“. I cannot find this video anywhere. No one other than you, me and one other person ever remember seeing this. I wonder if we all saw it “live” but the clip was cut out of syndication and just never shown again.

Anyhow, I even posted a youtube video asking for help in finding this. It actually frightened me as a kid. I am 40 now and just would like to see it again.

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You can see Bowie do “The Man Who Sold the World” beginning at the 20 minute mark on the Season 5, episode 7 of SNL. The episode was hosted by Martin Sheen. Sheen was hyping a little art house film called Apocalypse Now.

Good performances by Bill Murray, Jane Curtain, and Lorraine Newman.

Bowie did three songs that night. The first one we have covered, the second tune Bowie performs in a a-line skirt, and the final song appeared to be some green screen trickery predating the Gorillaz by decades.

By the way, every episode of Saturday Night Live is now available on Netflix instant streaming thanks to Obama and generous subscribers like you.

update: SNL finally put it on YouTube