slouching through bethlehem past

.. October 2010

wessside, oct 2
karisa had a housewarming bbq with her coworkers and bro

orpheum theatre, oct 3
lady gaga was the cherry on top of one of the best shows i saw all year:
yoko ono star studded mystery ride of peace n love

amsterdam, oct 6
JustAGirl assures me thru ink that we will be together again

shrine auditorium, oct 9
second best show i saw all year: arcade fire

spaceland, oct 10
best show i saw all year: monotonix

3 Clubs, oct 16
rocket rocked and the dude who played johnny cash was there

san francisco, oct 22
had a spectacular 104th birthday, even with the weird dramaz

fais do do, oct 30
first time checking out Vaud and the Villians – wont be the last