this is one of my favorite pictures of my truest

once upon a time we lived in frisco together.

for some reason we decided to go roller skating in golden gate park.

neither of us had been skating since we were kids.

something happened and she fell and grimaced.

i was all, get up. she was all it hurts. i was like get up!

she didnt get up. couldnt get up. then she started crying softly.

eventually i called an ambulance. then we rode in the ambulance.

turned out she had damaged one of her spinal thingies.

her mom flew down from oregon. her mom bought us an expensive mattress asap.

this is a pic of my truest being taken care of by her ma exactly how she wanted me to care for her.

but the best is the look in her face still ticked off days after i was all just get up already.

good times.