yesterday at lunch i had pho with a half persian half mexican lass

and a bar owner

i have this little joke where i’ll say something like “thankfully the Lord invented [blank], so we could all [blank].”

because i have a terrible memory i forget what i said at lunch and the bar owner went

“ah so you’re one of those people eh?”

soon the conversation moved to music, as it often does, and deep into the discussion, at one point this line came out:

“im the only born again christian i know who has every bad religion record.”

im sure theres a facebook page for us


it wasnt cold but it was brisk, and because Blossom is a few blocks from the office, i wore a jacket

before we were seated i adjourned to the loo which rhymes with you know youre in LA when you see theres nowhere to hang your jacket in the crapper.

my first move was to the door handle but i recoiled thinking thats probably the dirtiest thing in this whole place

and when youre done those germs’ll be

on yr neck!

no where else to hang it so i stretched it across the sink.

dry cleaners tomorrow, dont worry