sass asks:

Dreamboy in LA that I have to woo or Alrightboy in NY that won’t let me break up with him?

they dont have enough craft shows on tv. like how to make a mailbox out of popsicle sticks. how to play bass on a two-string guitar. how to turn baking soda into a stabilizing base if a nuclear reactor starts acting up.

in sales theres an exorcise where you have to give 100 features and benefits for a pencil. “96. its not fully round, it’s octagonal, that way it doesnt roll off your desk. 97. the paint isnt lead-based so you can chew it without worrying about death. 98. its pocketsized. 99. its yellow so you can see it easy in a junk drawer. 100. super light weight. wont even notice it anywhere you carry it.”

we dont count our blessings enough.

we dont accept whats good and right in front of us.

we’d much rather “accomplish” something or someone than simply accept and receive.

the replacements probably enunciated it the best on their major label debut, Tim. the song, of course, is “Bastards of Young”.

The ones who love us best

are the ones we’ll lay to rest

And visit their graves

on holidays at best.

The ones who love us least

are the ones we’ll die to please

If it’s any consolation,

I don’t begin to understand it.

of all the conquests youve had, how many were worth the effort? did the person suddenly discover, omg yes how could i have not seen this all along? or did they simply succumb and once it was what it was did it soar to supersonic levels? probably not.

meanwhile what happened with the easy ones that you let be easy? im guessing that because those were allowed to run their own courses there may have been more opportunities for magic because the brakes weren’t constantly being applied.

as much as id like to see you in LA, its far more buddhist to simply accept what is on your plate than to wish for something that’s not even close.

make apple sauce out of the apple.

who knows, maybe LA dude will get all jeals and fly out to woo you.