sugary sweetness on wheels

I am in such a great mood this morning.

Yes it helps that its 70 degrees and will be warmer as the day goes on.

But everything is poppin right now, and I am very grateful.

Later today I will go into the Cookie Diet place and get weighed in.

I just stepped on my own scale and I’m lighter than I’ve been in years. And feel great.

I love that my abs are a little pained.

Pained because they are being used for the first time in decades.

A good pain. A great one, in fact.

Can’t wait to make them work later tonight.

update: someone asked if i was in a great mood because of the Bieber movie premiere last night where I saw a movie with Will and Jada Smith, P Diddy, Hannah Montana, Beebs, and sat next to Scary Spice? yes it was fun, and funny, and the energy the kids brought to the crowd, and all the crying was cute, but no. ok maybe a tad.