ive been having a lot of fun lately


maybe too much fun.
i blame the redesign of this blog.
it has energized me.
the dreams have stopped.
the voices have been hushed.
i feel like the little bonus part of me, the busblog, is back.
i cant say im fully integrated with it yet. maybe too much is true.
and maybe the creativity doesnt know how to assimilate just yet.
and lord knows my camera skillz need help.
but i will tell you this. there will be an Ask Tony tomorrow so ask ur questions.
its raining here in LA which usually bothers people, but it doesnt bug me at all
mostly cuz it never lasts all that long. its almost hawaiian that way.
and it reminds me that most of our problems are as fleeting as these alleged storms
it also reminds me that most of our troubles arent from the weird patterns that blow through town, they are from our weird reactions that are typically rooted in dumb things like age old fears or learned behaviors.
i think we’re capable of so much more than reflective automatic bs.
i think we know we arent as crappy as our demon voices whisper.
i think we are superstars waiting for our moment.
i say dont wait. i say make a joyful noise so that the spotlight has to hit you.
dont be the angry bird. be the awesome one.
and for god sake if the tree yr in blows, fly away